Wart and Verrucas are common complaints and most treatments are either ineffective or take months of regular treatments with little or no effect. Fotona laser treatment for warts and verrucas will resolve these conditions within 1-3 treatment sessions effectively and efficiently. Consult our experts about our wart removal Ottawa services to get started. 


Laser wart removal uses deep and selective Nd:YAG absorption which induces coagulation of blood vessels feeding the wart. This causes subsequent destruction of the wart (the laser penetrates even through thickened/calloused tissue)

In addition to the destruction of the lesion, the laser treatment for warts promotes faster healing and reduces the possibility of recurrence.


Effective removal of the wart from between 1 and 3 sessions of the laser wart removal procedure. There is no need to remove any extra tissue apart from the lesion itself and no anaesthesia required.

There is no special post-procedure skin care necessary to support effective removal of the wart or verruca, making this a simple, effective laser treatment for warts. The Alchemist Laser Clinic’s website will pop up when you search for “laser wart removal near me”, so book a consultation at your convenience. 


  • Nathan M
    Great customer service, very thorough during the consultation. Would recommend to anyone looking into laser hair removal.
    Nathan M
  • Saadiyah Baksh
    Maryem absolutely AMAZING! I love how she considers all aspects of your skin, pigment and hair during your consultation and gives you an honest and educated opinion on whether laser hair removal will be right for you. I did my legs with her 2 YEARS ago and now I don't even have to think about picking up a razor (which was something I'd have to do every other day)! My legs are now so smooth and the "strawberry legs" are GONE!  I love how she takes her time to ensure that you are comfortable at every step of the way during each session which makes for such a fun and welcoming environment. She is so easy to talk to and so flexible with appointments. I loved my results so much that I am going back to get more areas done! Thank you Maryem! 🙂
    Saadiyah Baksh
  • Photography by Emma
    I am halfway through completing my sessions and I have seen great results already. Maryem is so accommodating to my busy schedule, she has later appointments (and that's important to me as a mom). She provided me with a great set of information before beginning and did her testing before my first session. She does her treatments with so much care, and listens to her clients. It's a private space and we also have great conversation on top of it all! I will update my review once treatment is complete, but so far my hair removal time has been reduced drastically since I do not have to do it as much!
    Photography by Emma
  • elsy caballero
    Maryem is great! She’s amazing at what she does and never makes promises she can’t keep. From the beginning she was honest about the results I could expect. She’s very thorough and never rushes through your appointment. She has a way of making you feel extremely comfortable in what could sometimes be an uncomfortable situation. She genuinely loves what she does and you can tell. I would 100% recommend her to my friends and family or anyone looking for laser hair removal services.
    elsy caballero

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