Stretch marks result from abrupt rupture of collagen and elastin in the skin when the body undergoes quick shrinking or stretching. It happens generally during growth spurts, pregnancies, or significant weight changes in the body.  Like any scars, stretch marks are permanent markings in the skin. However, Stretch Mark Revision through laser treatment for stretch marks can significantly reduce the appearance of these, to bring back the smooth and supple look of your skin.

Stretch marks mostly often form in these areas of the body:

  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Legs
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Breasts


Laser treatment for stretch marks with the state of the art technology of the Fotona Laser works by precisely delivering the stretch mark removal laser energy and targeting the damaged skin, leaving the undamaged skin untouched. Stretch mark laser treatment has minimal recovery time than other lasers because it concentrates and focuses the heat of the laser in a more precise manner. 

At The Alchemist Laser Clinic, we use the Fotona SP Dynamis system to perform stretch mark laser treatment, scar revision, and acne scar revision.  We also use the advanced technology of this stretch mark removal laser for an array of aesthetics procedures. Fotona SP Dynamis is also used to help you age gracefully by decreasing wrinkles, fine lines, and refining skin tones.

During conditioning, an Nd: YAG will be passed along twice to the surface of the treatment area. The first pass will send stimulus to the skin, while the second will penetrate the tissue by heating and conditioning the skin for a more effective laser treatment for stretch marks.

The next step in stretch mark laser treatment will be the actual fractional therapy. This is the stage when the fractional Er, YAG stretch mark removal laser eliminates old and worn-out skin. New, tighter, and healthier tissue will replace the precise micro ablated channel when regeneration takes place. The laser treatment for stretch marks ends with Peeling when the skin is ablated with full Er: YAG beam.


Laser treatment for stretch marks works with aged and newly form scars. The intensity of the treatment depends on the depth and affected area, and it can take multiple sessions before changes and improvement is visible.

It doesn’t matter how severe or how large the affected stretch marks, the stretch mark laser treatment will have the same process. Stretch mark revision with the Fotona laser follows three steps: Conditioning, Fractional therapy, and Peeling.

Stretch mark laser treatment will require a course of sessions to give optimum results. The number of sessions is dependent on the stretch marks and your body’s  response to the laser. On average 3 sessions are required using the stretch mark removal laser. You’ll be pleased to see the laser stretch mark removal before and after with your own eyes.

The bespoke laser treatment for stretch marks gives high levels of patient satisfaction as the stretch marks are either fully resolved or barely visible post treatment.


  • Nathan M
    Great customer service, very thorough during the consultation. Would recommend to anyone looking into laser hair removal.
    Nathan M
  • Saadiyah Baksh
    Maryem absolutely AMAZING! I love how she considers all aspects of your skin, pigment and hair during your consultation and gives you an honest and educated opinion on whether laser hair removal will be right for you. I did my legs with her 2 YEARS ago and now I don't even have to think about picking up a razor (which was something I'd have to do every other day)! My legs are now so smooth and the "strawberry legs" are GONE!  I love how she takes her time to ensure that you are comfortable at every step of the way during each session which makes for such a fun and welcoming environment. She is so easy to talk to and so flexible with appointments. I loved my results so much that I am going back to get more areas done! Thank you Maryem! 🙂
    Saadiyah Baksh
  • Photography by Emma
    I am halfway through completing my sessions and I have seen great results already. Maryem is so accommodating to my busy schedule, she has later appointments (and that's important to me as a mom). She provided me with a great set of information before beginning and did her testing before my first session. She does her treatments with so much care, and listens to her clients. It's a private space and we also have great conversation on top of it all! I will update my review once treatment is complete, but so far my hair removal time has been reduced drastically since I do not have to do it as much!
    Photography by Emma
  • elsy caballero
    Maryem is great! She’s amazing at what she does and never makes promises she can’t keep. From the beginning she was honest about the results I could expect. She’s very thorough and never rushes through your appointment. She has a way of making you feel extremely comfortable in what could sometimes be an uncomfortable situation. She genuinely loves what she does and you can tell. I would 100% recommend her to my friends and family or anyone looking for laser hair removal services.
    elsy caballero

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