About the Alchemist

At The Alchemist Laser Clinic, we are dedicated to helping you achieve results, whether it be smooth, hair-free skin, reversing the signs of aging or maintaining your youthful appearance.


Located in the south end of Ottawa, our state-of-the-art clinic is equipped with the latest laser technology, operated by our team of skilled and certified laser technicians and experienced medical professionals.


Over 20 years of Customer Service Experience

We have over 20 years of experience running businesses including extensive expertise in the customer service sector.

Over 8 Years Of Laser Aesthetics Experience

Our Laser technicians are fully qualified with years of experience in Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation business.

A Leader In Aesthetics Business

We have invested heavily in our Laser technology, so be assured that you will be treated using the best technology in the market.

Ottawa Price Promise

Our prices are competitive with regular promotions on offer, However, If you find a better Price in Ottawa, we'll Price Match. T&C apply

Welcome to The Alchemist Laser Clinic

Embracing the alchemical fusion of science and art, our laser and aesthetics clinic is dedicated to elevating beauty through modern and advanced technology. Utilizing innovative treatments and personalized care, we ignite a transformative journey, where beauty transcends time.


Our founders established The Alchemist Laser Clinic with the vision of providing safe, effective, and lasting solutions. They have over 20 years of experience running businesses including extensive expertise in the customer service sector. Additionally, our technicians have over 8 years of experience in the industry and have earned a reputation for excellence in providing results that work.

Fusing Science

+ Aesthetics

Alchemy has a long and intriguing history dating back to ancient civilizations, where it was considered both a philosophical and scientific practice. Early alchemists sought to transform base metals into precious metals such as gold, as well as develop elixirs for immortality and remedies for various ailments. As time progressed, alchemy evolved and merged with chemistry, forming the foundation of modern scientific principles. However, some aspects of alchemy continued to influence various fields, including medicine, cosmetics, and aesthetics.

At The Alchemist Laser Clinic, we use modern aesthetics in the form of our state-of-the-art laser machines and a combination of specialized products to enhance beauty, rejuvenate skin and promote overall well-being. This connection draws on the idea of transformation and improvement, aligning with the goals of aesthetic treatments to enhance one’s natural beauty.

Micro Laser Peels with Fotona SP Dynamis: A Powerful Solution for Skin Rejuvenation and Hyperpigmentation

“Harmonizing science and aesthetics to unveil timeless beauty.”

“Fusing aesthetics and science: Where artistry meets precision.”

“Discover beauty through the lens of science.”

“Precision aesthetics powered by scientific innovation.”